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My Story

"Success comes to them who chase their passion passionately."

If passion is something that drives the very essence of existence, welcome to the club.Success is the fruit, a part of which is sought by all, but how far you go to take the grab is what decides your fate. At times, it might mean giving up opportunities which might be lucrative, just for the vision of having something BIGGER. Ashish Muthai exemplifies that passion. Born into a family where business has been the norm, ​Ashish Muthai​​ was naturally inclined towards entrepreneurship. At an age when most of his counterparts are taking the 9 to 5 grind, Ashish is inspiring thousands to chase their passion. Not only has he inspired many to take up entrepreneurship, he has successfully helped them build their businesses from scratch to ​multi-million dollar​​ entities.


At an age of (Your Age),Ashish’s claim to glory as one of the youngest ​Business Coach and Motivational speaker​​ from Maharashtra is an inspiration in itself. His business acumen has made him a path breaking serial entrepreneur with a knack for developing innovative solutions to problems faced by businesses.

Ashish is a born influencer, and such success his sessions have been, that thousands of people have taken up entrepreneurship after being inspired by him. His sessions have helped attendees in finding solutions to their longstanding business problems. “​ Igniting Entrepreneurship”​​- that’s the motto he lives by. An adept in strategizing business growth, Ashish speaks on ​employee productivity,employee engagement,growth hacking ,marketing & Stress management as well.

His stint with an NGO also gave him an exposure to women empowerment which he now applies in practice. His research works have been acknowledged by prominent International Universities such as ​University of London, University of Sheffield, University of Sussex, University of Essex and Leeds​​. With hands-on experience across a plethora of industries such as ​Food, Software, Dairy, Spices, Pharmaceuticals, Healthcare, Hospitality, E- Commerce, Organic Farming, Ashish decided to start his own venture although he was offered scholarship by the prestigious University of London for pursuing higher studies.

He is a regular invitee at government companies like ​MITCON​​ for their business sessions. Ashish also believes that students of today are the future growth igniters, and hence he conducts regular training workshops at reputed institutes on different skill development programmes.